Decoding Latin Masterclass: Read Latin in 47 Days

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The centuries-old method of learning Latin used by Queen Elizabeth’s tutor to teach her 5 languages in 2 years!

Did you know that studying grammar and memorizing vocabulary is not the best way to learn Latin?  That most language classes (even modern language classes) WASTE 80% of their time?

 It’s true.

 In fact, the so-called ‘traditional’ way of learning Latin was never meant to be a means of learning, but an academic analysis of the language after you’d already learnt it.

 Yep, if you’ve learnt any Latin before, chances are you’ve literally been learning Latin backwards.

 It’s not your fault.

 Learning grammar can make you feel like you’re making a lot of progress, because you can analyse a sentence, you can recite verb and noun tables, and so on.

 Because you’re learning the ‘rules’ of the language, it feels like you’re learning the foundations, the essential stuff.

 Until, of course, you try to read a single page of real Latin, and you find more than half of these so-called ‘rules’ have more exceptions than times they actually apply!

 What’s missing here isn’t some magical or mysterious ‘language talent’.

 The problem is that you’ve been spending all your time learning about Latin, but never actually learning Latin.

 Being able to talk about grammar is useful at a later stage, but if that’s the extent of your knowledge, you’re always approaching Latin from the outside, never connecting with it from the inside, like a real language.

 If you’ve ever tried to pick up a book by a real Latin author, you’ll know what I mean…

 It’s hard.

 It’s confusing.

 It sucks.

 So what’s the solution?

 Well, to find the solution we need to understand that during the Middle Ages and most of the Renaissance, Latin dictionaries were written entirely in Latin.

 Yep, that’s not a typo.

 This means that the original Latin dictionaries were written for people who already could read Latin.

 Which begs the question, how did they learn it in the first place, right?

 Well to answer that question, we need to go back to pre-Elizabethan England (I’m talking the 1500s), to a man named Roger Ascham.

 500 years ago, Roger Ascham was one of the greatest scholars in Europe, and as a result was made language tutor to the young princess, the future Queen Elizabeth.

 After his death, a book he’d written about how he taught was published called The Schole Master (or, as we’d say to day, The Schoolmaster).

 Using this method he was able to teach the young princess to speak with him fluently in both Latin and Greek in just 2 years – and she could speak French, Italian, and Spanish as well!

 How many of us could say the same?

 Ascham was considered a great scholar, and he was obviously a good teacher, but his method of teaching was largely ignored…

 A hundred years later, the British philosopher John Locke came up with a similar method, while he was a tutor to the British Ambassador’s children…

 Using this same method, Locke claimed in his treatise on education that he could teach his students to read Latin in just a single year!

 At the same time the famous poet John Milton (author of Paradise Lost) insisted on exactly the same method…

 Fast forward another century, and two Frenchmen, Dumarsais and Fremont, and two more Englishmen, John Clarke and John Sterling (what’s with all the Johns, right?) are all using the same idea, later picked up again by James Hamilton in the United States.

 All these teachers had the ‘revolutionary’ idea that if you want to learn Latin, you need to read Latin.

 Not be told to translate it yourself, and struggle through.

 Not learn the rules of grammar and then analyse and puzzle out a sentence as if it were a mathematical problem instead of a living language.

 Not sit down and memorise endless lists of vocabulary.

 No, it was simply to immerse yourself in the language, explaining everything to the student as you go.

 Rather than teach, this method allows your brain’s natural language ability to kick into gear, and you absorb it instinctively and quickly.

 And the results speak for themselves.

 But the ‘problem’ with this method for the teaching establishment is it gives you the answers.

 There’s no ‘figuring it out for yourself’; everything is explained clearly and simply, every word translated.

 That just doesn’t feel right to people used to the normal way of learning.

 But it is right.

 In fact, it works so well that when I had to present a paper at a conference in Amsterdam, I used this method to teach myself Dutch in just 2 and a half months!

 I’m not kidding.

 But somehow this centuries-old method keeps falling by the wayside…

 And when someone discovers it on their own, they don’t have the materials they need to read enough Latin for their brains to ‘click’ with the language…

 Until now.

 That’s why I created the Decoding Latin materials, to give you the exact tools you need to read and understand Latin quickly and effectively, on your own.

I take you through the language easily, like it’s your friend, not your foe, and I explain concepts along the way.

Once you’ve got a basic grounding of the way Latin works (which can happen in as little as a week), then you jump straight into reading, with every word and phrase translated, so you’re never stuck!

In fact, if you follow the exact steps I give you, you’ll see a huge step forward in your Latin fluency in as little as 47 days!

Here’s what this course gives you:

  • Understanding a new language takes time, right? WRONG…
  • A unique, insanely effective method of translating every word that means you can read real Latin from day one!
  • A scientifically proven method for absorbing a language quickly and effectively…
  • How to learn grammar without studying declensions or conjugations
  • Short texts so you never get that feeling of being lost in a big book of a new language
  • 142 fables of real Latin that immerse you in the language 
  • Get a mini dopamine hit every day, meaning you remember faster and have more fun
  • NEVER memorise – and with Decoding Latin, you don’t have to!
  • Why taking a break helps you learn faster!
  • Imprint the grammar and syntax of Latin into your brain naturally

Speaking of grammar… I’m not a grammar-hater, I just don’t believe in memorising or learning rules. Which is why part one of the course shows you…

How to learn the basics of Latin grammar and structure in just 7 lessons

I’m serious.

Why reading is the best way to learn a language… why forgetting actually helps you learn… learn Latin even if you have no time… and more!

This is actually the single best foundation in Latin I’ve ever seen.

This goes for whether you’ve never studied before, or you’ve been struggling for years.

Anyway, here’s the deal.

You can get lifetime access to the Decoding Latin Masterclass for just $47 USD.

Even if you do it in the shortest possible time, that’s a dollar a day – less than HALF what it’d cost you to have a single lesson with me directly.

This is also an absolute steal compared to what you’d pay in years wasted trying to figure it out on your own.

Plus, in person you couldn’t get a refund if you didn’t like the lessons, so all that money would be wasted, right?

But when you purchase the Decoding Latin Masterclass, you get a full 30 days to try the course out, and if you don’t like it for any reason, just shoot me an email before 30 days have passed, and you’ll get your money back, no questions asked!


But look, I know this course isn’t for everyone.

It’s not for the victim-mindset students who are always blaming everyone else for their failure to make progress.. the people who call every method that goes against the way they were taught ‘scams’… the students looking for a hack or trick or ‘secret technique’ that will suddenly make them fluent in one day…

Yeah, if any of that’s you, this course isn’t for you.

I mean it, don’t buy from me, I’m not interested.

There are other courses out there for you, but it’s NOT MY COURSE.

But if you’re somebody who’s willing to put in the time actually reading Latin and applying the material in this course… if you’re willing to put up with some difficulty, some frustration… if you’re willing to really give things a try and work things out for yourself when you need to, then this is the course for you.

So which are you? The tire-kicking student or a real student?

Once you’ve answered that question correctly, click 'I want this!' to get started!

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Decoding Latin Masterclass: Read Latin in 47 Days

0 ratings
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