Decoding Latin Grammar

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Tired of wasting time trying to remember endless grammar rules? Decoding Latin Grammar is the answer!

This book is a summary of the most common endings and forms of Latin. The material presented in these few pages is not arranged in the format in which Latin grammar is traditionally taught, but rather in a format which, at this stage of learning and reading, is more than sufficient to aid in understanding what is read while reading it.

When true fluency in reading Latin is attained, the grammar can be understood in the traditional form within approximately two weeks of study. At that point the student will not only be able to converse with the best grammarian in technical terms, but will likely be more comfortable in the reading of Latin.

And this, after all, is the point of learning Latin – than students who can rattle off conjugations and declensions from the beginning, but can barely read a single sentence of Cicero or Seneca, let alone Tacitus.

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Decoding Latin Grammar

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